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Be A Blessing Global traces its roots back to a heartfelt desire for mobilization and empowerment in the realm of missionary work. The story begins with a seasoned veteran of the mission field, driven by a fervent commitment to the Great Commission of Christ—the call to spread the Gospel to all corners of the earth.

Recognizing the immense potential of young professionals who possessed diverse skills and a shared passion for serving in the 10/40 window, this visionary missionary saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between seasoned experience and youthful enthusiasm. They recognized that in order to create meaningful, lasting change, a network needed to be formed—a network that could provide the necessary mentoring, training, and support for those eager to venture into challenging territories.

From this realization, Be A Blessing Global was founded. It became a platform that united individuals with a burning desire to make a difference in the 10/40 window with the expertise of seasoned missionaries already operating in the field. This unique synergy created a space for training, mentorship, and guidance, allowing aspiring young professionals to learn from those who had navigated the intricate landscape of cross-cultural ministry.

The heart of Be A Blessing Global was to cultivate a journey. This journey would encompass vetting, coaching, and skill-building, preparing individuals for the complexities of their chosen mission. The network wasn't just about connecting; it was about equipping. Aspiring laborers were given the tools and insights they needed to apply their talents in transformative ways, all while being supported by those who had walked the path before them.

At the core of this endeavor was the intention to match passion with purpose. Be A Blessing Global aimed to create a pathway for aspiring missionaries to find their niche, whether it was in business, healthcare, education, or any other sector. By aligning these passions with practical skills, the network facilitated the process of not just seeking positions, but fulfilling callings.

Through Be A Blessing Global, a new narrative of missions emerged—one that was collaborative, supportive, and focused on sustainable change. As the platform grew, it became a beacon of hope for those yearning to answer the call of Abraham, to be blessed in order to be a blessing. Together, through mentorship, training, and shared purpose, Be A Blessing Global's legacy continues to shape the lives of those who seek to bring light to the darkest corners of the world.



"At Be A Blessing Global, we are driven by the timeless principle from Genesis 12:1-3, where God called Abraham to be a blessing to all nations. We believe that as followers of Jesus, we are heirs of Abraham's promise, blessed to be a blessing through fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ. Our mission is to empower and mobilize the next generation of young professionals, equipped with diverse skills in various sectors, to step into the 10/40 window—regions with the greatest need for the Gospel—and make a lasting impact through business and economic development. Our focus is not merely on sending out missionaries, but on igniting a movement of skilled laborers who use their expertise to empower local communities, cultivate sustainable growth, and advance the Kingdom of God. Together, we envision a world transformed by the power of Christ's love and the practical application of our God-given talents."

Training for medical professionals


  • Christ is the center of our lives and work

  • God's Word is the inerrant Word of God

  • We hold True and Unchanging Theology Rooted in God's Word

  • The Great Commission, to make disciples of all nations, and the Great Commandment, to love God and our neighbor as ourselves, are our guiding motivation

Training for medical professionals
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